I am Ashurbanipal

I am Ashurbanipal King of the World, King of Assyria!

Come and see me at The British Museum

Ashurbanipal was King of the Neo-Assyrian Empire from 668 BC to c. 627 BC, the son of Esarhaddon and the last strong ruler of the empire, which is usually dated between 934 and 609 BC. He is famed for amassing a significant collection of cuneiform documents for his royal palace at Nineveh (now in northern Iraq). This collection, known as the Library of Ashurbanipal, is now in the British Museum, which also holds the famous Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal set of Assyrian palace reliefs.

Place: The British Museum; the BP Exhibition, Date: 8 November 2018 –24 February 2019;

Tickets: Adults £17.00, under 16s free 2-for-1 tickets for students on Fridays

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